Talking to the darkness

Desperate Duck

My first comment is that I am today working on my Mac and the interface is so much easier to use.

Desperate Duck! I am terrorising the ducks as I keep taking their eggs. Ducks are a little – not Little- more intelligent than chickens. Ducks seem to notice that you have got their eggs whereas chickens never seem to worry. Thus my little white call duck is trying to find a new place to lay. This is why when I went outside the backdoor I almost stepped on her as she hid round the corner next to the green bin. The ducks lay small blue/green eggs with large yokes that make rich cakes but are not so good fried or poached as there is too much yoke for me. I am very tempted to let one of the ducks sit because I would love ducklings but I don’t have space so I will have to wait. Poor Desperate Ducks.


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