Talking to the darkness

Lost Duck

A small panic this morning. Eldest son put ducks away last night and missed one. It was the mainly black one and it was very late at night when he put them away,but even so! Thus this morning husband was wandering round the garden, before breakfast, muttering ‘missing a duck’ … ‘only four’ etc. This meant I had to dash outside, covering underwear with coat, to find missing duck.  It is amazing how a duck can hide. Eventually found her hidden behind a flower pot looking very happy because she had a nest and at least one egg. This was a new laying place and its not easy to reach in to get the eggs. She didn’t last long on the nest and was dashing round the garden about half an hour later with the other ducks. My ducks have not sorted out the nesting and egg laying. They nest anywhere and have been known to leave an egg in the middle of the garden. Sadly motherhood is not intuitive, even amoung the duck family.


One response

  1. tommima

    u like to wright about the ducks dont u
    hehe where was she hidding ??

    April 26, 2009 at 4:37 pm

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