Talking to the darkness

New technology

I work in education and today the technology that should support all I do has broken down. Great work produced by students has been let down but a lack of supporting technology. Is it so difficult to have an internet connection! Ha you thought it would be something complicated advanced technology that was bound to go wrong. No it was just an internet connection. Three different laptops, different wires different sockets and no internet. Enough, enough time to be positive. This is a realy nice new Mac with a wonderful screen where I can have two or three pieces of work moving round on at the same time.

Duck update. No eggs collected yesterday and today so either they have stopped laying or there is a new very hidden nest to find.


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  1. Flossie the Fowl

    One of the joys of blogging is the ability to link to other things. Perhaps in explaining the problems that your students were having with technology you could have used a link to show examples of their work (there are copyright issues in so doing) or linked to the course on which you were teaching.

    All of this is allowing the reader to gain an understanding of the framework within which you are writing without having to spell it all out.

    Please see this blog as an example

    Of course, when you put these in the original message you can cleverly hide the link into words rather than an ugly address line. But do note the clever way I have used wanting to help you as a method of spreading my own message further afield (and the author is of course interesting!)

    April 28, 2009 at 5:32 pm

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