Talking to the darkness

Tea the drink that saves the day

I live in a house where tea punctuates every occasion. Pause and tea is prepared. Panic and tea is prepared. Come home late after drinking and tea makes all the difference next day. It is not that I don’t like coffee, I do, but tea seems to save the day. Then there is a special cup of tea out of proper cups and saucers. Recently I rewarded myself with a set of six Edwardian cups and saucers. They elevate the tea to a level above the normal. There is a magic space of calm whilst the tea is drunk. The world may come rushing back in but there has been that moment of quiet and calm that was just a cup of tea.

The cup that makes the tea so good


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  1. flossie the fowl

    Well aren’t they the most beautiful cups!

    You should also remember that tea was used as a symbol of rebellion by the “Americas” against the English in the Boston Tea Party which, whilst ostensibly about taxes, was also about the ability of a developing nation to decide its own future.

    Equally, whilst listening to the cosmopolitaness of two “English” teams contesting the semi final of the Champions League, the half time team talk is still expressed as being held over the half time cup of tea. How many of these players would recognise the cultural baggage or symbolism with which we embue their discussions?

    Britain is held to await everything until after the tea is drunk and yet how much of that is weak Earl Grey in china cups? Many of us talk about the restorative powers of a cup of tea and yet for each of us this conjures a different image. The practicalities may include depth of colour, flavour, amount of milk, sugar or no sugar; but the issue remains the use of common terminology to disguise the variety of society.

    April 29, 2009 at 7:55 pm

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