Talking to the darkness

Blogs in Education

I was in a meeting today when a colleague (this guy I know) mentioned bloggs. Chance, thought I,  for some research, so I cornered him. He teaching on a Foundation degree in Graphic Art. Foundation Degrees are often a longer or more supported pathway onto a degree course. Students complete a Foundation Degree and then enter onto the second or third year of a university degree. As the final part of the Foundation Degree students take part in a final show at the Truman Brewery, in Brick Lane, London. The Graphics students plan the show, the design and layout also working on the publicity for the event. As part of this process, and also in order to keep an overview of the project, the students have been asked to create a blog to document the process. He has found that his graphics group has had little or no experience of blogs and have not taken to the blogging world. He also works with the Performance Arts Foundation Degree who have taken much better to the world of blogging. He is surprised but I am not. The performance arts group have to create log books for performances, which are always difficult, but recording a quick blog of your work might seem so much easier plus the fact that you share your work as you do as a performer. I will keep an eye on what happens and will be at the show which they are all working for.


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