Talking to the darkness

Blog or piece of paper, discuss?

If we are to use blogs in education are we just rushing to use new technology rather than making a considered decision about the merits of this technology. Is it easier to type than to write ? Do we assess this before we bring a new technology into the classroom. Say we use blogs in English, will there be an expectation that the learner will write out the blog before typing it up? Will every child create a blog, even the ones with low level writing skills? This is a blog something that parents, friends and others can access, have we thought through this aspect of the blog. Do we want parents to be able to see learners unformed or in progress work. Does the learner want anyone else to see the work. As a dyslexic I would have hated others to see my work. It has taken me a long time to accept the difficulties I sometimes have when writing and allowing others to know that I am dyslexic. Dyslexia is not just spelling, I have great problems scanning. This means copying straight to blog works but hand writing out and then copying is hell. I can never re-find my place in the original written work. Normally I will change typeface  and text colour but I have found it more difficult when blogging. Will every learner cope with the set up on the add new post page. It is very busy and distracting. If you are a learner that can write then you will probably find blogging easy. If you have literacy difficulties then they will probably not go away just because you are writing as a blog. This has been more about literacy difficulties but I also want to point out the public dimension but I will come back to that again.


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