Talking to the darkness

All this blog business

Well today I discovered that other members of the group ate not using their blogs but putting posts on Blackboard. I wont be doing that.  I have decided that this is a total experience so all thoughts, ideas and responses will be on the blog Soryahh.

I think  I thought that there would be a more active interaction between course members. I wonder is this is because we do not obey the two laws of social networking. (my laws)

law 1 – facebook etc continues where face to face interaction stops. You know who you are talking to so a word a line is all you need.

law 2 – blogging , chatting, messaging with total strangers where you can be whoever you want and they will never know.

For most of us on this course neither is true. We cant pretend to be who we are not because we will be found out. We also do not know each other well enough to leave a facebook comment.

What do others think?


One response

  1. Shaku

    I don’t know what the answers to your questions are, but I suspect it isn’t simply because of the feeling that we are both too distant and too intimate in a way to be who we want to be in comments. I think time constraints are a huge pressure on people on this course, and that perhaps this reading week might bring some of the teachers out into the sunshine to comment. Sometimes we can theorise all we like about why people do or do not participate in certain online activities, but the truth may be quite mundane…

    May 24, 2009 at 9:50 am

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