Talking to the darkness

How to talk on a blog

DON’T. I have been on a long journey to get sound on my blog. I started with music. That seemed easy add sounds. But you can’t. I can add youtube you can add youtube but try and add you music from you computer but you can’t. I tried to re stream and still it would not happen. I would have to BUY space from wordpress. The whole idea about blogging is that it is free and I can investigate how I can use it for education.I won’t buy space. Next idea add sound to a photo. I made a simple slide show on imovie but I could not record sound. For some reason I cannot record sound on my laptop. I left it a week, total frustration was getting the better of me. Then I looked at audioboo. The is an iphone app that I had heard about on Twitter. This app records sound and then you can save it at audioboo. Well this led me, via following google etc on help areas to ipadio. This is a site that records radio or phone chats from any phone mobile or land line. You register your number and then ring a phone number, give your code, then record your message, talk etc. This was great except then I lost my voice. I have however recorded my first message and you can hear it at the Green and Gothic blog. It is a bit clunky as it would not embed into the blog. Again the wordpress blog is very text biased. But it is a start and I will be trying again. Listen to this space.


2 responses

  1. janelet

    Cheers for this, I am going to have a play with ipadio too, looks like fun!

    May 27, 2009 at 7:22 pm

  2. John Potter

    I am very impressed with the ways you are working with different modes, different visual styles and different purposes (different identities?)
    It is hard to manage all these and I didn’t know where to leave a comment (!) but this is very, very interesting and I hope we can discuss further face-to-face on Friday…
    Have also left this over at your other blog(s)!

    May 29, 2009 at 11:11 am

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