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Let us go a twittering

One of the problems I have found for this unit and linking with readings is that this area ‘internet cultures’ is moving so fast. Twitter is barely mentioned, but for me it is very important as a way of accessing up to date information as blogs and papers are tweetted and can then be followed up is you are interested. Also the last two weeks have seen Twitter move into the limelight. I like many others followed the protests in Iran via Twitter, then last night I followed the reports of the death of Michael Jackson on Twitter. As I watched the story develop on twitter I was also listening on the radio. I was interested to hear, on the radio, that when we went over to the BBC’s corrispondant in Washington he read the Twitter report from the LA times word for word. Twitter was slow but I was tweeting a friend at the same time as being updated and it is this combination of the personal and the public that is so different. We could access the news via 24hour rolling news networks, followed quicker updates on the internet but twitter can respond so quickly and then we respond and feel we were part of the story. If in the the past they talk about knowing where you were when JFK died when Michael Jackson died I was part of the news process.

Wrote this earlier then had a link on Twitter asking the same thing, well sort of;

Then found this discussion via danah boyd on Twitter, it was asking whether Twitter created the protests in Iran or the protesters used Twitter to create protests.


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  1. quitefarnorth

    But don’t you think that twitter will have a very finite life span? I tried it briefly but soon became bored and I know a lot of people who got into it at the beginning but have recently fallen out of love with it. It seems to be the case that many people find it just too brief. On a more humour note the twitter account I set up was for Oliver – the greyhound – and I keep getting emails to say he is being followed – by attractive young women!!

    July 3, 2009 at 8:28 am

    • soryahh

      I use twitter to get stuff from Henry Jenkins and danah boyd, both put up connections to work they are doing and papers. I find this quite useful.

      July 3, 2009 at 12:24 pm

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