Talking to the darkness

Essay what essay ……

I am managing to avoid writing anything and the time to hand in a draft gets nearer and nearer. I am having great difficulty starting but that is always true. I need clear focused time and at present it is not possible. We are still finishing off at college and although I should have finished on Wednesday I will be back in tomorrow.

I am having a problem finding relevant reference to start me off. I have looked at Henry Jenkins and it is another world. I know I am probably strange but I do not identify with people who want to understand what the Matrix is all about (see convergence culture by H Jenkins). ITS A FILM a STORY a PRETEND. Oh and it is green neon and the movement is beautiful and the film style and flow of the shots is great. Why would i want to argue over the real meaning with people I don’t know, who might get very angry with me and feel able to be very hurtful because somehow pain on-line is not real.

All that does not give me reference for my essay about blogs in education. OH HELLLPppp.


2 responses

  1. quitefarnorth

    You could try my tactic – just start writing. It comes out as rubbish but at least you get it over with. Seriously though – my blog was sooooo random that I didn’t have anything to focus on so meandered my way through the essay too>

    July 13, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    • soryahh

      I have started but it is amazing the things I suddenly have to do! Yesterday it was the washing and today I might have to do some weeding…I never weed anything. If you have meandered you way through have you finished? I think I will eat some lunch and then face the essay again, I was online so I am preparing.

      July 14, 2009 at 11:17 am

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