Talking to the darkness

Extruded hellish completion

You know when put your summer jam in a muslin bag, well you might not but think of lots of cooked fruit and sugar dripping out of a muslin bag taking days, well that’s what I feel like. I had most of the final essay sorted, all I had to do was to review and tighten it up. I have found it difficult to get into the essay again after the summer break. Well the citing system does not work as I have changed from doc. to docx. and I have lost its memory. Then I broke the printer. Bought a new one and it has taken almost a day to sort it out. Firstly I opened the box and there was no power cable, back to shop. Then there was no start-up disc, rang shop this time. You can download the disc, oh that sounded so easy. Well three hours later, having changed from Mac to PC, I have finally got two copies of my essay and a very grumpy partner who is now cooking dinner. I do hope my tutors read the printed copy not just read a download from Blackboard! This is why I feel like an extruded summer jelly, perhaps Quince a light delicate jelly to have with cheese, that has been picked, chopped,boiled, tested, cooled,strained through a jam bag and then presented.


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