Talking to the darkness

Kraftwork and children’s media

I am watching Kraftwork on BBC 4, saw them live years ago, and have been inspired on two fronts.

1. Learning , works and music. The simple style of linking works to music repeating in patterns with simple animation. This definitely prompts learning and could be something I use with my students. After all this is the style that Sesame Street used to teach the alphabet. Now if the students were creating the simple animation to link to musical patterns to explain a complicated process then they could be teaching themselves.

2. This is leading on from the readings I have been doing about children’s media. Although I do not agree with the scare mongering about the destruction of children’s brain because they watch TV and participate in computer based technology I have to accept that it has an influence. If there was never an influence for change from ‘art’ or ‘creative’ presentations why would we make political drama etc. I love the idea that there is a time when a child thinks that if they turn the tv over the cereal falls out of the bowl. Then they come to realise that the tv is not life. My ducks do not understand that the duck in the mirror is not another duck. However most children develop through this. These realities or perception are logically not just enclosed in the media world they are in the world that surrounds the developing mind. Do we damage the developing mind by exposure to the media, or is there a state of plasticism within the mind that dims the borders between reality and fantasy. My son was obsessed with ‘george the dragon’ and this dragon lived at the bottom of the  garden. As he grew the dragon got father and father away as he began to understand that in reality there could not be a dragon. This was a mind that was allowed to develop normally coming to its own sence of reality. Surly the mind that is affected by the media is the mind that does not go through those developmental stages. The mind that is the worry is the one that does not understand empathy that does not understand cause and effect. Does exposure to the media cause this or is it the mind that is only exposed to the media and thus emotion and feeling through a visual playback with no real personal emotion the mind created with no empathy.


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