Talking to the darkness

First feedback on coursework

Well I am now on the second year of my MA and it feels like I am starting again. I have forgotten how to do all this read and respond thing. It is amazing how you have to get back into the whole academic thing. It does not help that I am starting so late because you enrol and then wait for the work to come up haha. But I came in after the work was up and others had been able to look and work. I found last year that term 2 and 3 was much easier because you were a) on-line and ready b) you were in the mood and knew what to do. Also this year college is dire. I thought last year was bad but this is worse. We are working to rule over a new contracts dispute which means we have not had a pay increase for 2 years. The college has no money and it is a miracle we have any students with the level of capital outlay on equipment and facilities. Students at college now are not interested in the college of the future they are the least forward-looking people, they are teenagers. Through this I am madly busy as there are fewer and fewer tutors every term. Oh, and the college is not supporting my MA in any way so doing it has been complete madness. The positive is I love the learning, trying out the new, looking at how to do things in new and different ways. Back to my first feedback, whoops. Well I did it and got it in on time but it was all wrong or back to front. I like a challenge, get out of this one, work out what they are all talking about…………….to be continued.


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