Talking to the darkness

New Year – new project

I am setting off to start a new project but am already hitting small posts of delay! My old laptop died in the summer so I have been without a creative computer for a while. I got a new Mac for Christmas and have tried to download Flash. Then I looked at Flash and had a complete heart attack. I am not sure I can just ‘pick it up’ lessons might have to be involved! So alongside this I have looked for a another Free Flash website. I have used Wix before but thought there might be something more creative using Flash. At present I hope to test out FlashVillage to see what this is like and whether this is a possible alternative to learning Flash.

In order to create a new piece I want a strong story and so I thought about using a traditional folk-tale or myth. In this way I can work with a strong storyline. I think my  first project was a bit rambling so this time I want to have a better structure as the basis for the creativity. So I have chosen as my story; Dando and the Wild Hunt. Lets see where this takes me…………………………………………


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